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April 2024 Newsletter

New Spring Schedule, Sexual Assault Awareness Month & WISE, Loaded Elbow CARs, Fusion VS Flow, and FD Tips & Reminders It's Springtime at the Studio and we are delighted to be rolling into this quarter with fabulous teachers and a thriving community. We're taking a minute to highlight and thank our newest teachers, Jess, Heather, Amanda, and Gwen who now have 3 months of teaching under their belts! You can catch Jess teaching Inferno Hiit at 6am on Mondays & 9am on Tuesdays. Heather's teaching Inferno Weights at 6am on Wednesdays. Amanda is teaching OHY Tuesday at 6:30pm [...]

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March 2024 Newsletter

Women's History Month & International Women's Day, March Matness, Supporting the Special Needs Support Center, and the Morning Mobility Routine This month we're celebrating Women's History Month and International Women's Day; donating late & no-show fees to the Special Needs Support Center in honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st; discussing the importance of recovery; brushing up on our Morning Mobility Routine; and going green for St. Paddy's Day. ⚠️ The Studio will be closed on Sunday, March 31st. ⚠️ For Women's History Month we're celebrating the work of Chrissy King author of The Body Liberation Project; [...]

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March Matness at The Studio

  The Studio March Matness Overview: Pick a partner and decide on a fun team name! Sign up at the front desk before the spots fill. There are 32 spots total, these are The Sunday Selection. We will divide the teams into East Coast and West Coast 16 against 16 (8 brackets). Each week your team will compete for points by completing Challenges, including the Point Bomb Challenge (PBC). Challenges will be emailed weekly and posted at the Studio on the March Matness Sheet where you will also find which team you’re competing against. Fill out the sheet with your [...]

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February 2024 Newsletter

Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Fuel For Class, Big Toes & Glutes February is Black History Month and the theme this year is "African Americans and the Arts." What better way to celebrate than to highlight our friends at JAG! We know, we know- we talk about JAG A LOT- but they are bring incredible work to our community by serving as an Artistic Sanctuary for Black Creatives in the American Theater located right here in White River Junction. AAAND Jarvis is a longtime member of the Studio! We're super excited for their new endeavor with The Drinking Gourd: [...]

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Dr. Monea: Racial Justice Trainer, Speaker & Yoga Teacher

Our Annual Staff Training on January 4th focused on Antiracism led by Dr. Monea. Dr. Monea, a racial justice speaker, trainer and yoga teacher, guided us through many thought-provoking activities over Zoom, including examining our role in systemic racism, while outlining key points in the antiracism learning journey like; take the lessons and leave the stories, expect & accept non-closure, listen for understanding, and anticipate impact. We chose this particular training to deepen our awareness of systemic racial inequities, the power of privilege, and how to build trust across racial, gender, cultural, and physical differences. These trainings help us to [...]

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January 2024 Newsletter

CONNECT. HEAL. GROW. In 2023, the Studio donated $8,000 of no show/late fees to local non profits serving our community. These are incredible organizations doing amazing things; check out who they are and what they do in our latest blog post. We also set aside a portion of our fees to provide financial assistance to anyone who can't afford a membership. Please make sure to read our policies and procedures - we have updated a few and highlighted previous policies that are important for members to know. Our policies and procedures help us to align & uphold our [...]

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2023 Donation Recap

In 2023, the Studio donated a total of $8,000 to local non-profits and organizations. We have amazing projects happening in our area and feel incredibly lucky to be able to share our support for these organizations.Thank YOU for being a part of our community and sharing in our core values, mission and vision. In addition to being able to contribute to these organizations, the studio also sets aside a portion of no show/late fees to support people in need of financial assistance towards a Studio membership.   Sharing and Caring Food Pantry; WRJct, VT During the month of September, we [...]

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December 2023 Newsletter

🌟LIFTing into the New Year🌟 You need to lift weights! Full stop. Skeletal muscle is the organ of longevity. (Don't believe us? Check out this podcast with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and Erin Holt). Loss of muscle mass, strength and function starts at age 30 at a rate of 3-8% per decade and increases after the age of 60. How can we slow that roll? Resistance training for strength (ie lifting heavy) and adding in short, intense bursts of activity (ie Inferno Hiit) are effective. Let's face it, your athletic performance and independence in advanced age are dependent on [...]

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November 2023 Newsletter

THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE & FINDING BALANCE Our Thanksgiving Holiday schedule; Thursday 11/23: 7:30am Inferno Weights (45), and 9am The Yoga (90 mins); Friday 11/24: 9am Fusion and 12pm Inferno Weights (45). *No evening classes on 11/23 and 11/24. Have you ever noticed that there’s a pattern to the Studio’s schedule? Yep, a whole lotta thought and planning have gone into curating a schedule that serves an important purpose for you! Our schedule is structured so you can maximize your membership AND your fitness goals. If you want to get in shape, feel good in your body, be strong and [...]

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October 2023 Newsletter

Self Care and Workout Recovery Autumn is the time of cooler air, late harvests, soft light, extra layers when we step outside. It's also the perfect time to check in with your self care and workout recovery. Simple things like hydration, eating nourishing foods, getting good sleep, taking time to see friends, and walks in the woods can all fill that self care cup. Whatever balance you're striving for, we're here to help you meet your goals and feel your very best! Here's a quick list of self care actions to consider as we head into the winter [...]

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September 2023 Newsletter

🌻Fall in love with the hot room again!🌻 A few reminders/general guidelines as we kick off the fall schedule and welcome students back into the hot room this season: Pre-registration is still required for all classes; Cancellation is 2 hours before class start time, or incur a $15 fee; No-shows will be charged $15; Two minute showers (your friends are waiting); The doors lock at the start of class, no exceptions; and, a NEW(-ish) guideline; doors will open 15 minutes ahead of class time and we ask that students depart within 15 minutes of class ending. Thank you for your [...]

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August 2023 Newsletter

Sweet Summer Days! SUMMER ANNOUNCEMENTS: 🍉THE STUDIO IS CLOSED AUG 21-27TH for a little R&R🍉 Popsicles are back! Take 15 minutes to improve your mobility with CARS. Community reminders and notes from the front desk. JAG needs our support! Improve your mobility with this 15 minute morning routine Just 15 minutes to improve your joint mobility!! The morning routine, created by muskuloskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, is part of a comprehensive joint training system (which includes our fave, Kinstretch) and is based in scientific principles and research. Here, Maeghan and Julia lead your through CARs (Controlled [...]

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July 2023 Newsletter

🌻Summer at the Studio!🌻 The Morning Routine Just 15 minutes to improve your joint mobility!! The morning routine, created by muskuloskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, is part of a comprehensive joint training system (which includes our fave, Kinstretch) and is based in scientific principles and research. Here, Maeghan and Julia lead your through CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) in each of your joints. Do this routine every damn day! It only takes 15 minutes to manage inflammation in your joints, improve healing, and maintain a healthy range of motion. Move slowly and if you come across closed angle joint [...]

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June 2023 Newsletter

Pride Month, Juneteenth, Father's Day, New Summer Schedule, Kinstretch! So much going on this month! June is Pride Month, commemorating the Stonewall uprising of June 1969 when lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in New York stood up against police brutality and injustice and demanded fair treatment. Throughout Pride Month, LGBT people and their allies celebrate their accomplishments achieved since Stonewall, but they also advocate for what needs to be done in order to secure full equal rights and non-discrimination in their own countries and in solidarity with LGBT people elsewhere, in situations where anti-LGBT discrimination and violence [...]

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May 2023 Newsletter

HeYo Mommas, Mental Health Month, Knees, Ankles & Toes, and Positive Tracks!! We applaud you mommas and all you mothering folk out there. Seriously, if you're caring for kids, grandkids, fur babies, or other creatures in your life we're here for you! We're psyched to help you keep your body and mind healthy so you can continue to show up for all those loves in your life. Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve mental health and May is Mental Health Awareness month. This month at The Studio we're getting jiggy with knees, ankles and toes and we're [...]

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April 2023 Newsletter

🌷New Spring Schedule🌷 This month we're rolling out our new spring schedule, celebrating Earth Day, getting HIPpy with our anatomy focus, attending JAG's show EVERY BRILLIANT THING, and highlighting WISE and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month's donation of late/no show fees will go to WISE. 🚨The Studio will be closed on Sunday 4/9🚨 Celebrating Earth Day Did you know that our hand soap and 3in1 shower soap are EWG Verified? That means they're free of EWG's chemicals of concern and meet strictest health standards. Curious about the standards and safety of your own household and personal [...]

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Let’s NOT Talk About Weight

The fitness industry has long been over saturated with diet obsessed culture.  We’ve been brainwashed from a very early age to believe that our self worth is directly related to our size. Here at The Studio we’re calling bullshit. Enough. We aren’t a ‘burn it to earn it’ studio. Our mission is to create a safe space where people are encouraged and supported to connect, heal and grow through life-changing classes taught by empowering teachers.    No shame if weight loss is one of your goals, we support all your health goals, whatever your reason for being here - we [...]

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March 2023 Newsletter

💪🏾💪🏿Womens History Month & International Womens Day💪🏻💪🏽 We're celebrating all WOMEN this month especially those in our Studio community! The theme for this year's Women's History Month is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories." As a nod to those stories, we'll be sharing our Women Crush Wednesdays (#WCW) each week on Insta by highlighting some familiar studio faces and amplifying others we think you should know. Check it Out! Want to hear the full story of how this awesome woman-owned yoga and fitness business began? It started with a couple of women, of course! Interview with Maeghan: What were [...]

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Let’s Talk About Heat!

🔥Let’s talk about HEAT baby!🔥 We HEART the heat at The Studio. In fact it’s the main attraction for many of our fabulous clients. It sets us apart from the other yoga and fitness studios in the UV and it’s also been a bit of controversy over the years. Aside from the fact that we LOVE the heat and the way it makes us feel,  there's some science behind it too! We use heat as a tool in all of our classes to increase the therapy of your experience. Heat therapy has been shown in multiple studies to [...]

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February 2023 Newsletter

💕Self Care & Self Love💕 With Valentine's Day around the corner, we want to take a minute to talk about Self Care and Self Love. Self Care includes activities that we do (or don't do!) to improve our well-being, boost our mood and reduce stress levels. Like regular car maintenance or weeding a garden, these things help us run smoothly and grow. Some examples are exercise, eating healthy foods, spending time in nature, getting enough quality sleep, mindfulness activities like meditation and journaling, and spending quality time with those you love. Self Love is a state of appreciation [...]

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January 2023 Newsletter

LOVING STRONGER 2023 🌟Come for the heat, stay for the community!🌟 The New Year kicks off with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 16th and rolls into Black History Month in February. During these eight weeks we're amplifying black leaders in our field. All too often the work of our black colleagues is sidelined by systemic racism in an algorithm that buries their content. Support black trainers, teachers, visionaries and performers by following, liking and sharing and watch your feed diversify. We're starting by highlighting one of our fav's; Chrissy King; Writer, Speaker, Fitness and Strength Coach, and [...]

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August 2022 Newsletter

Making Sure We Fuel Our Bodies This month it's all about FUEL. Your body performs best when it is properly fueled. Are you showing up for class ready to go? Making sure you’re well-fueled and hydrated, particularly in the summer heat, takes some intentional effort. More sweat out means more liquids in, adding in electrolytes (LMNT is the perfect on-the-go option!), and protein (grab an Apres from the cooler!) as you can. Properly fueling, also includes rest. That’s right, rest. In order for your body to perform optimally, it needs time to recover and repair. It also means [...]

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May 2022 Newsletter

Changing Seasons; Pausing for Perspective  April 🌧 bring May 🌷, and as the seasons continue to shift we wanted to pause and check in on you. This time of year brings a lot of warmth; longer days, more sunshine (we hope!), and heat. It also represents a time of transition; many school schedules are ending or changing, and summer plans are now clearly in the front window. Although it may feel tempting to hit the gas pedal and GO, now is the perfect time to slow down and make sure you're supporting your whole self as you journey [...]

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April 2022 Newsletter

(Re) Establish Healthy Habits with B Well's Beth Finnigan As we slowly step out of winter, and into the warmth and light of Spring, we're excited to offer an opportunity to register for the Healthy Habits Program with B Well with Beth Finnigan from April 18 to May 14. As always, there will be a strong focus on education with the goal of empowering better choices, guest presenters (you’re going to love this round’s line-up), an interactive community where we share our struggles and wins, cooking classes, a cookbook, weekly menu’s and of course lots of tips, tricks, [...]

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March 2022 Newsletter

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb You know the ol' saying... in like a lion, out like a lamb, and like the month of March, we're here to remind you of the importance, and necessity of finding the balance between both strength and flexibility, intensity and softness. Our classes are designed to work together as a complementary series to holistically support a healthy body, mind, and heart-- the yin and the yang. We have learned stretching alone does not make us more flexible, which is why we have introduced functional range conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch principles [...]

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February 2022 Newsletter

Celebrating Black History Month February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month with the 2022 theme of Black Health and Wellness. We look forward to leaning into learning by sharing resources; highlighting Black joy; and holding space for your thoughts, feelings, and feedback. Our responsibility to learn and become better ancestors is not limited to a month-long commitment. This is an enduring journey for us, and, as members of The Studio community, we invite you to prioritize learning and unlearning alongside us every day. We are deeply committed to our core value of inclusivity AND also recognize that our community at The Studio mirrors the demographics of the twin states, [...]

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January 2022 Newsletter

New Year, New Name (and more)! To celebrate our continued learning and growth, elevate our five core values (inclusivity, authenticity, respect, community, and perseverance), and double down on our commitment to this community, as of 2022 our little yoga studio in WRJ will officially be known as the place it’s always been… The Studio. Wanna learn more? Check out Our Story. Important Updates ⭐ We are requiring all eligible staff and students to submit proof of COVID booster by January 15. If you are not yet eligible (because of timing, medical reasons, COVID infection, etc.) please [...]

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December 2021 Newsletter

Going Out of 2021 with a Bang! We've got some REALLY exciting news coming in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then take advantage of our pop-up/specialty classes and a retail STEAL you have to see to believe (scroll down!)-- also makes for some great gifts. Posture & Functional Range Conditioning Tips Shakira knows it... HIPS don't lie! This month it's all about internal hip rotation. Join us for our BYUV Yoga and/or Fusion classes where we’ll concentrate on working those ever-important hips throughout the month. A few benefits of Controlled Articular Rotations [...]

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Turkey to Tree Challenge 2021

Don't Be a Turkey, Join our Challenge! We get it, holidays can pack on the stress, fatigue, indulgence in sweets, and just a general overload of the senses. We're here to help you stay present, active, and relaxed. Join in on our 2021 Turkey to Tree Challenge and complete 15 out of 20 squares for a $10 credit to your account! Feeling ambitious? Complete all 20 and win bragging rights for the rest of the year (in addition to the credit!). To participate simply print out your game board (or pick one up at the Front Desk!), write [...]

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November 2021 Newsletter

Giving Thanks As the seasons continue to shift, and we move into November, we’re reminded to slow down and give thanks for all that has supported, and challenged (you read that right!), us throughout this last year. We are endlessly grateful for YOU and our BYUV Community, and wouldn’t survive and thrive without your energy, perseverance, and love for yourself, and those around you. Thank you.  The research shows spending just a few moments each day practicing gratitude strengthens our resilience, our patience, and ultimately our feelings of happiness and peace of mind. If you don’t use it, [...]

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