What’s in a name?

The Studio (formerly known as Bikram Yoga Upper Valley) opened its doors in December of 2011 and for nearly 5 years students flooded in to sweat-it-out to the Original Hot Yoga (OHY) “26 and 2” series. While this methodology fueled The Studio’s initial following, in 2016 new information made it imperative that we not only disassociate from the series’ founder, but that we consider and implement other modalities that would positively impact our whole bodies and minds. Sweat alone was not enough, and the dogmatic way Bikram teachers had been trained to teach was boxing students in, and preventing growth. Under the direction of sisters Maeghan and Julia Finnigan, Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), and Kinstretch were added to the teaching toolbelt to help increase strength, neuroplasticity, novelty, flexibility, and improved range of motion. The result was a new, complementary series of classes that work together to holistically support healthy bodies from the inside out.

Through this evolution, The Studio has overseen a move to its current, expanded space, introduced new classes, welcomed a diverse and talented crew of teachers and staff, and grown into the multi-faceted, vibrant yoga and fitness community it is today. To celebrate our continued learning and growth, elevate our five core values (inclusivity, authenticity, respect, community, and perseverance) and double down on our commitment to this community, as of 2022 the little yoga studio in WRJ will officially be known as the place it’s always been… The Studio.

Our History

  • 2011: Opens as Bikram Yoga Upper Valley in small studio space
  • 2012: Moves to current expanded location
  • 2016: Julia joins Maeghan at the helm, adopted moniker BYUV, and added Inferno Hot Pilates
  • 2020: Pandemic paves the way for virtual offerings (live stream and on-demand!)
  • 2021: The Studio is launched and continues to evolve