Our mission is to create a safe space where people are encouraged and supported to connect,
heal and grow through life-changing classes taught by empowering teachers.

We are deeply committed to our five core values:
Inclusivity. Authenticity. Respect. Community. Perseverance.

Welcome! We’re So Happy You’re Here.

Hi, we’re Maeghan and Julia. Take it from us, for better or worse no one forgets their first class. For Maeghan it was love at first sweat; Julia, eh, not so much. Give yourself a chance to fall in love with the therapeutic and life-changing time you spend on your mat. And remember, this is a practice, it ebbs and flows. Allow yourself to have both good and challenging classes. Walking through the doors is the first step and every-body deserves the opportunity to feel great.

We believe that we are a ripple effect, and the time you give yourself in the hot room positively impacts what you bring back out into the world.

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Have you tried the Yin to our Yang?!

Yin yoga is like a mini-vacation for our bodies and minds.  Many of us go-go-go all day long, and are good, too good,  at being busy, and working hard. Good news for those conditioned to keep going, this class takes the guesswork out of how to relax and let go.  Poses are done in seated positions with long holds allowing the muscles to relax resulting in deeper stretches without over-exerting our bodies. 

But don't be fooled -- there is still a LOT going on in these more passive stretches. The intentionally slow sequences encourage a gentle "stress" to the deeper connective tissues and joints improving mobility. 

Why the long holds? The science behind holding a stretch tells us that it takes 2 minutes to convince your nervous system that you have control of this muscle length and can release the tension. 

Grab your jammies, and come join us for this amazing, therapeutic, and necessary class.

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
We were recently talking to a long-time student and discovered that they didn't know we had showers! Say what?! 

Not only do we have two changing rooms and two gender-neutral bathrooms, but we also have two beautiful showers that are available to you. Grab a quick rinse after class and leave feeling even more refreshed and ready to go!

⭐️ Remember 2-minute limit! Leave the heavy-hitting for home and keep the line a-movin'. 🚿 ⭐️
⭐️ Meet Karen ⭐️

After a decade working in investment banking, Karen decided to shift her career to emotional and physical care. In 2019, she concluded her Vinyasa Teacher Training in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through her daily practice, Karen found the desire to share her knowledge and teach. In 2021, she expanded her studies with Yin Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands.

Join Karen TONIGHT (and every Wednesday!) at 6:30pm for Yin.

What's Yin?  A yoga sequence that stays seated and uses long holds to encourage your muscles to relax in order to get into the deeper tissue that needs some TLC. You won’t believe how good you feel, how soundly you sleep, and why it took you so long to try it. Put your jammies on and join us!
Monday 1/17

We are so sad to miss you at the 6er,
Keep an eye out about the 9er!

(we are also a little excited about the snow though!)