Our mission is to create a safe space where people are encouraged and supported to connect,
heal and grow through life-changing classes taught by empowering teachers.

We are deeply committed to our five core values:
Inclusivity. Authenticity. Respect. Community. Perseverance.

Welcome! We’re So Happy You’re Here.

Hi, we’re Maeghan and Julia. Take it from us, for better or worse no one forgets their first class. For Maeghan it was love at first sweat; Julia, eh, not so much. Give yourself a chance to fall in love with the therapeutic and life-changing time you spend on your mat. And remember, this is a practice, it ebbs and flows. Allow yourself to have both good and challenging classes. Walking through the doors is the first step and every-body deserves the opportunity to feel great.

We believe that we are a ripple effect, and the time you give yourself in the hot room positively impacts what you bring back out into the world.

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When you love what you do.

We spend a lot of time working together, talking things through, taking each other’s classes, prepping sequences and sharing ah ha moments. 

Come and see us- we ❤️ what we do and you will too! 

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Hey Team! 

How are you feeling during and after your workouts?

What we do in the hot room is intense - the heat, the sweat - some classes, by design, more than others.  Anytime you are asking your body to do something active, check in - there are a few things to make sure you are doing to not only optimize your experience in the hotroom but your overall health and well being too! 

✅ Fuel your body.  Eat to enhance your exercise. Eat enough before you exercise to be energized during your workout.  An indicaiton of not enough fuel can show up as light headeness in class, feeling like garbage and not having the energy to get through.

✅ Hydrate. Before class, during class and after class. Add some good electrolytes to your water. 

✅ Recover.  After a workout (especially females) get a good dose (20-30g) of protein in within 30 mins - this is the "golden window". Get in some real food when you can and if you can - sit down and eat! 

✅ Rest! Listen to your body. Pay attention to how many HIIT classes you are taking in a week. Switch one out for a lower intensity class - you will be amazed at how great you feel!

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Anyone else go thru phases where you find something you LOVE to eat? Morning, noon or night?

Right now I can’t get enough of sourdough bread with buttah cooked on the pan, eggs and pesto.

Fills me up - it’s easy to adapt and only takes 1 pan to cook it all. Quick cook, quick clean up.

Added with my smoothie and coffee it’s a perfect start to my day. 

Shout out to @schullingerkrause for the amazing pesto. 

 What’s your quick go to?
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