Our mission is to create a safe space where people are encouraged and supported to connect,
heal and grow through life-changing classes taught by empowering teachers.

We are deeply committed to our five core values:
Inclusivity. Authenticity. Respect. Community. Perseverance.

Welcome! We’re So Happy You’re Here.

Hi, we’re Maeghan and Julia. Take it from us, for better or worse no one forgets their first class. For Maeghan it was love at first sweat; Julia, eh, not so much. Give yourself a chance to fall in love with the therapeutic and life-changing time you spend on your mat. And remember, this is a practice, it ebbs and flows. Allow yourself to have both good and challenging classes. Walking through the doors is the first step and every-body deserves the opportunity to feel great.

We believe that we are a ripple effect, and the time you give yourself in the hot room positively impacts what you bring back out into the world.

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My ankles are smoked! Look at those toes working overtime😂

Use your CARs to decrease inflammation, maintain range of motion, lubricate and hydrate your joints! 

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My ankles are smoked! Anyone else? Look at those toes trying to do all the work 😂 

Keep movin’!

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Hey Studio -

Gentle (and fun!) reminder to please put tools away when done.  If you use something just give it a *light* spritz and put it back where ya found it.  If blocks are wet please leave neatly by the wall ❤️

✨ That after feeling class. ✨

Come and get it. 

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