Our Vision

A diverse and compassionate community of people who feel strong and healthy in their bodies and minds.

Our Mission

To create a safe space where people are encouraged and supported to connect, heal and grow through life-changing classes taught by empowering teachers.

Our Core Values


Continually striving to provide a safe and accessible space for all students; intentionally engaging with, and seeking out opportunities to learn from diverse partners.


Committed to providing a unique complementary series of classes that work together to holistically support healthy bodies from the inside out.


Creating an environment where people both honor their body and their unique needs while protecting and valuing our shared space and the needs of others.


Celebrating the diverse places we arrive from with a shared purpose to feel better.


Showing up, and following through.

Once your done lettin’ those F 💣 s fly - check out the weight recommendation for class and what else you may need.

Every weights class will be up on the board so you can see what’s coming your way.  The recommended weight selection is based off moves, timing and reps during class. 

Several things may impact your weight choice suc as - where you are in your cycle, injury, number of works outs you have previously taken this week. 

Get here early- take a look at the board and always feel free to ask your teacher any questions! 

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ATTENTION LADIES!! If you’re in the Luteal phase of your cycle, it’s a great time to put down the heavy weights or grab a less intense class, think yoga or kinstretch. During the luteal phase endurance capacity is lower, body temperature is elevated and it become more difficult to access stored carbohydrates. So steady state work with low to moderate intensity and more recovery is optimal. 
What the hell is the luteal phase??? Post ovulation but premenstrual, so likely day around day 15 to 28.
Once Aunt flow comes to town you can scoop those heavy weights right back up! 

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Chase away the Sunday scaries with some affirmations with @snoopdogg.

If you wanna catch the hit ABC’s check out the whole album #doggyland 🐶

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My ankles are smoked! Look at those toes working overtime😂

Use your CARs to decrease inflammation, maintain range of motion, lubricate and hydrate your joints! 

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