Original Hot Yoga (OHY)

Where it all started, Original Hot Yoga (OHY) was the first yoga class for many of us. It’s where we fell in love with the heat, with moving and sweating together in the hot room. The simplicity of the 26 and 2 posture sequence drew us in, helped heal our bodies, and set us on the path of health and wellness. The OHY is the OG of the Studio and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel at peace with their body and mind. This class is suitable for all bodies and abilities.

The Yoga (formerly Signature Series)

A technical class that builds on the principles of OHY and the Gosh Lineage, infused with the intelligence of the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system. Crafted with 20 plus years of teaching experience, this is the Studio’s signature class. Each class follows the basic outline of the OHY class with an emphasis on developing the necessary prerequisites to perform a specific posture or improve the range of motion to a specific joint. We continuously study the science behind yoga, movement, and healing. This class is accessible to anyone who wishes to move more freely in their body, outgrow bad posture habits, experience less pain, and find more joy!


Heavily influenced by the Journey into Power series created by Baron Baptiste, you can expect to walk out of this high-energy class with renewed vitality, feeling more energized and ready to conquer the day. This class is accessible to anyone who craves movement, has a willingness to work hard, and wishes to be more attuned to their body. This athletic vinyasa-based class will challenge and empower you. Don’t wait, start today!

Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP)

There’s a whole lotta information out there, you can grab a workout easy peasy off insta or sign up for an app, it’s hard to know what to do and who to trust. We’ve taken all the guesswork out for you. Inferno Hot Pilates uses tried and true basic pilates methods and the scientifically proven research of Dr. Tabata to build an extremely effective, efficient, and super fun workout that will change your body. This is a high-intensity, low-impact interval workout that will get your heart pumping without pounding on your joints. Tons of group motivation and energy, bumpin beats, fun lighting, and sweat fo’ days, join us today!

Inferno Weights

Same basic tenants of Inferno Hot Pilates but with weights and bands. Expect thoughtful and intelligent workouts that build on the Inferno Hot Pilates. A great way to add the benefits of weight lifting into your routine. Whether you have been lifting for a while or are brand new to holding weights, this class guides you through a thoughtful and intelligent sequence that will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling super strong.


This class is a mix of our flow and IHP classes. Some familiarity with the Journey into Power Series is encouraged as the class moves fast but definitely not required. This is a fast-paced and challenging class that moves you through power yoga sequences with some quick drops of HIIT sprinkled in.


Slow down and develop the skills to self-assess the current range of motion in your joints. Work to expand that range to gain control, harness strength, and increase useable ranges of motion in your body. Using the latest in scientific research and based on the Functional Range Systems this class is a must for anyone who is looking to understand limitations and mitigate injury.


The yin to all our yang, a mini-vacation, and an incredible addition to your week. Slow it all down and relax. A yoga sequence that stays seated and uses long holds to encourage your muscles to relax in order to get into the deeper tissue that needs some TLC. you won’t believe how good you feel, how soundly you sleep, and why it took you so long to try it.

Every mobility class we train our Jefferson curls, progressively loading since we started.  Starting with maybe a pole or a block and now some folks are moving into 8-10lbs!

Training tissue to become more adaptable and resilient feels amazing - especially in your spine!

Come and curl with us!

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Keep your cervical spine moving! 

Remember in your CARs - if you come to a closed angle joint pain (pinch point) move around it! Your rotation may look more like a funky kidney bean for a while but keep moving and watch that bean fill out! 

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Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) brought new life and energy to The Studio and it's no mystery why it's our most popular class. The heat, the party vibe, the bumpin' beats, and club lighting, guarantee you'll have the most fun you've ever had while working out!

IHP helps to build strength in our yogis, which is something we had been craving, and everything just feels better when you combine HIIT and yoga. 

But don't just take our word for it... based on scientifically proven methods of exercise and movement you can sweat easy knowing that this class has the research to back a fast and effective way to get into shape.

Don't Hesitate! Grab your spot and grab it early cuz this class fills up quick! 

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Happiest birthday to The Studio Queen. This bad ass is the hardest working, smartest, most fun, potty mouth in the game and we are beyond lucky to get to take her classes on the reg. Thank you for raising the bar, walking the walk and inspiring us to continue learning, growing and perfecting our craft.  @harpymama you are a gift and we treasure you. FYI she’s definitely not afraid to rock a sweatshirt at a black tie wedding… #frc #kinstretch #wrj #hotyoga

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