Original Hot Yoga (OHY)

Got stress? Feeling disconnected from your body and mind? We’ve got just the class for you. Hit the reset button and start feeling better. Here at the Studio, Original Hot Yoga (OHY) was where it all began. For five years OHY was the only class on the schedule. The accessibility and simplicity of the series make it a great class for someone just starting out. The set series of 26 beginner-friendly postures helps us create confidence in the hot room, heal our bodies, and set us on the path of health and wellness. Affectionately known as the OG of the Studio, we highly recommend OHY to anyone who wants to gain familiarity and measure progress. 

Studio Yoga

Curious why after months (maybe years) of practicing yoga you’re still struggling to balance on one leg, grab your foot, or squat? Wondering why your back and knees still bother you or why your hamstrings are still ‘tight’*? Dive deeper and get some answers all while taking magical ME time with Studio Yoga. This class is a thoughtfully curated combination of OHY, Functional Range Systems (FRS), and flow, crafted by your nerdy yoga teachers who strive to bring you the most up-to-date information on stretching and mobility. Each class is designed to work on the prerequisites to perform any posture or improve the range of motion in a specific joint. Studio Yoga offers an opportunity to gain strength in your body and control over your movement. We hope to see you there!


Stress can quickly creep into our day to day, resulting in exhaustion, anxiety, and overwhelm. The Studio’s Flow is a chance to de-stress by coming back to the simplicity of breath and movement. Our Flow is an athletic form of Vinyasa yoga that is fun and playful. This practice helps to keep your mind present and focused while you work with the physical practice. We effectively warm up the specific joints required to execute each and every posture and use elements of FRS to safely explore more technical postures. The result is renewed vitality, a calmer mind, and a feeling of groundedness in the body; you’ll walk out ready to conquer the day. This class is accessible to anyone who craves movement, has a willingness to work hard, and wishes to be more attuned to their body. 

Inferno HIIT

There’s a whole lotta information out there, you can grab a workout easy-peasy off insta or sign up for an app, yet it’s hard to know what to do and who to trust. We’ve taken all the guesswork out for you. Inferno HIIT  uses tried and true basic pilates methods and the scientifically proven research of Dr. Tabata to build an effective, efficient, and super fun workout that will change your body. This is a high-intensity, interval workout that will get your heart pumping without pounding on your joints. Tons of group motivation, fun music, and disco lights. We encourage you to JOIN THE PARTY!

Inferno Weights

We all hear we gotta put weights in our hands- and yet it can still feel super intimidating. The Studio is here for you. Our Inferno Weights (IW) guides you through a thoughtful and intelligent sequence that will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling super strong. Our teachers will help you select the right weights and have fun while getting the ultimate workout. IW builds on inferno hot pilates, adding weights and bands to give you an awesome low-impact workout. Are you ready for it?

the Heavy

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Crunched for time? Join us for the Heavy. This high-intensity interval training class combines dynamic, multi-joint moves with medium to heavy weights. You’ll get a high-impact workout (think cardio and strength) led by our most experienced teachers. Bumping tunes, party lights, and motivation help you walk away feeling elated and powerful. The class can be tailored to suit your needs. Be prepared to go hard and have fun. Walk out the door feeling strong as a’mother. (45 mins)



Anyone else looking to have a little FUN? Blow off a little steam in your workout? Get down to a bumping playlist? Then Fusion is for you. Fusion shows up once a week on the schedule and is a playful flow class with a dash of HIIT. No need to be an expert in either modality, simply show up ready for a good workout! As with all of our classes, everyone is welcome and there is ample opportunity to pick it up or take it down a notch depending on how you are feeling that day.

Kinstretch- full body strength & conditioning 

Kin is the most important class on the schedule. Full stop. 

This class will teach you how to assess your body’s range of motion and increase your joint health, all while having fun with the Studio peeps. So many people walk around with aches and pains- accepting that this is a result of getting older or that they simply ‘have bad knees or hips.’ In response, we limit activities, even the ones that bring us joy. This makes us feel even worse. Kinstretch will give you the tools needed to take control of how you feel while reducing pain and suffering. Developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, Kin provides “movement enhancement systems that develop maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion.” What are your goals? Kinstretch will get you there faster. 


The yin to our yang, a mini-vacation, and an incredible addition to your week. Slow it all down and relax. A yoga sequence that stays seated and uses long holds to encourage your muscles to relax in order to get into the deeper tissue that needs some TLC. You won’t believe how good you feel, how soundly you sleep, and why it took you so long to try it. Class is warm not hot – wear your comfy clothes and leave feeling deeply at peace

Hot Beats

Hot Beats is our 60-min Original Hot Yoga class layered with relaxing music and low lighting. The teacher practices along with you offering minimal instruction. This unique class is a fantastic way to unwind. Let your muscle memory take over as you move through the familiar 26 poses and enjoy this luxurious hour of heat and sweet beats.


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Happy Mother’s Day ❤️ 

Mothering can take many forms and we celebrate whatever form may be present in your life

May your hugs be a’plenty, and your dirty dishes few, and you find yourself a few moments of peace

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May is Mental Health Awarenes Month…We are so pumped see the emphasis on the importance of mental health and the positive impact that physical activity can have on mental well-being.

Engaging in regular exercise is associated with numerous mental health benefits & being part of a community is good for your mental health as well - and here @ the studio we’ve got you covered!

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