Self Care and Workout Recovery

Autumn is the time of cooler air, late harvests, soft light, extra layers when we step outside. It’s also the perfect time to check in with your self care and workout recovery.
Simple things like hydration, eating nourishing foods, getting good sleep, taking time to see friends, and walks in the woods can all fill that self care cup. Whatever balance you’re striving for, we’re here to help you meet your goals and feel your very best! Here’s a quick list of self care actions to consider as we head into the winter months:

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep*. We know. You’re juggling a lot- all the things- and this may seem impossible, but it may be the singularly best thing you can do for your physical and mental health. Sleep dispenses a multitude of health-ensuring benefits, yours to pick up in repeat prescription every twenty-four hours, should you choose. –Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep
  • Fuel your body: Eat loads of fruit and vegetables, get your protein, choose whole grains. Men and women have different daily energy intake needs, and these needs vary by age and the intensity of your training. We have to fuel our bodies so that we don’t start breaking down muscle for energy.
  • Exercise! And vary your training. We all love that dopamine spike after a good HIIT workout, but multiple HIIT days can catabolize (break down) muscle because your body starts needing it for energy (especially is you don’t eat enough!). Our bodies also benefit most from variety, so taking yoga or Kinstretch between your IHP and IW classes will help you see the results you want faster.
  • Rest. A rest day could be an easy walk, hike or bike ride. Rest days give our muscles a chance to heal and grow back stronger, reducing your chances of injury.
  • Support your mental health. Spend time with family, friends, pets. Get outside. Do things that bring you joy; consider volunteering or taking up a new hobby.

👻 Boo! Things will be getting a little spooky at the Studio later this month as we break out the costumes and the Halloween hits in the hot room.

Flexing Our Gratitude Muscles

During the month of September, we collected 125+ pounds of nonperishables for the Sharing is Caring Food Pantry at the Methodist Church in WRJ. This program provides free, supplemental food for absolutely anyone in need of food assistance. We love their motto: “Take what you need, give what you can!”

To match your donations, the Studio donated $250 of late cancel/no show fees towards groceries for the WRJ pantry.

Thank you to everyone who contributed food and other items, and a special thanks to Andy & Jared Friedland for coordinating and making food deliveries.

Learn more about the Sharing is Caring Food Pantry here.

Anatomy and FRC Focus of the Month

Ankles & Feet!

Our ankles and feet hard workers that are often overlooked. Whether you have an ankle that has suffered multiple sprains or toes that no longer move independently of each other, you’ll find that Kinstretch delivers. Kin not only assess’ the joint in question (or in pain), it also manages inflammation, expands range of motion, and strengthens the joint in its weakest places.

To get a taste of what we do in class, check out this Ankle CARs video and give it a whirl!


There’s nothing worse than slipping and sliding on your mat during a workout. For your sweaty sessions, we carry Manduka Non-Slip & Skidless Mat Towels and their grippiest mat, The GRP. No matter how much you sweat, the GRP mat provides traction.

Not in the market for a new mat? Manduka towels are great for layering over your regular mat and also prevent slippage. They come is lots of fun patterns and two different sizes. They’re super durable so you can throw them in the wash after every workout.

We also have more sweatshirts coming in and more the Studio logo gear.

For the guys, we have some awesome lined, quick drying shorts in stock.


As we settle into the fall season, the Front Desk team has a few reminders for our awesome community @ the Studio. Thanks in advance for being aware of the following:

  • We run late cancellation and no-show charges once per week. Please email membership@the if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We will run negative balances at the beginning of each month.
  • Our minimum credit card purchase is $10. If you would like to purchase a drink or a snack, we will add the remainder of the $10 to your account for future use at the Studio.

For more information on our Studio policies, check out our website: