🌻Fall in love with the hot room again!🌻

A few reminders/general guidelines as we kick off the fall schedule and welcome students back into the hot room this season:

  • Pre-registration is still required for all classes;
  • Cancellation is 2 hours before class start time, or incur a $15 fee;
  • No-shows will be charged $15;
  • Two minute showers (your friends are waiting);
  • The doors lock at the start of class, no exceptions; and,
  • a NEW(-ish) guideline; doors will open 15 minutes ahead of class time and we ask that students depart within 15 minutes of class ending.

Thank you for your consideration of the above as we work to add more classes (which means a faster turnover of the studio space), respect our teachers’ time, and keep the Studio in ship shape! Our front porch is a great place to connect & socialize while you wait for the Studio to open and for catching up after class.

*NEW* Classes Added

On Saturdays we’ve added KINSTRETCH with Julia at 11am (75mins). Our lineup on Sunday is now; 9am Original Hot Yoga (90mins) with Brian, 11am IHP (60mins), and 4:30pm Yin (90mins). Can’t wait to see you in the hot room!

Anatomy and FRC Focus of the Month

This month’s focus is hips and knees!

You may have noticed (while in a squat or lunge, perhaps?) that these joints work together and have the demanding job of bearing the full weight of your body while at the same time allowing for a wide range of motion. We can restore this range with CARs and build strength with PAILs and RAILs.

Want to experience this for yourself? We got you! Check out this Knee CARs video and sign up for Kinstretch!

CARs stands for Controlled Articular Rotations. They help us assess, restore and maintain joint range. We use them to warm up, rehab a joint, and learn what’s available for joint space. When we have joint space we can move with freedom, better transfer load,  lift and get strong without pain.

Come see us this month and give a little lov’n to those hips and knees!!


The drink cooler has been re-stocked, we’ve got all your favorite flavored popsicles in the freezer and new retail in the shop!
Did you miss logo’d gear? No worries, we have more on the way including those super cute sweatshirts.