Our Thanksgiving Holiday schedule;
Thursday 11/23: 7:30am Inferno Weights (45),
and 9am The Yoga (90 mins);
Friday 11/24: 9am Fusion and 12pm Inferno Weights (45).
*No evening classes on 11/23 and 11/24.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a pattern to the Studio’s schedule? Yep, a whole lotta thought and planning have gone into curating a schedule that serves an important purpose for you!

Our schedule is structured so you can maximize your membership AND your fitness goals. If you want to get in shape, feel good in your body, be strong and stable and continue to do the things you love, we have ALL the classes you need. Our fitness classes, like Inferno HiiT and Inferno Weights are game changers when it comes to cardio health and building & maintaining strength. Our yoga classes include Original Hot Yoga, The Yoga, Flow and Yin for whatever flavor of stretching and mindful movement you seek. Fusion is our fun combo yoga-HIIT class; and Kinstretch brings you conditioning, strength and control at joint level which is great pre-hab, re-hab and overall maintenance for the long-term.

In each of our time-slots, our schedule alternates between higher and lower intensity/recovery classes. Alternating between fitness and yoga classes each da not only gives you the biggest bang for your buck it’s also best for your body.

The key to effective workouts is variety AND rest. When we vary our workouts, taking Yoga and Kin between Weights and Hiit classes we: 

1.) burn energy more effectively, taking it from energy stores rather than from muscle, 

2.) feel better because we’re giving our joints and muscles adequate time to recover & repair,

3.) see results faster, 

4) prevent overuse injuries.  

In general, we recommend 2-3 higher intensity workouts (with at least 1 weights class) alternating with 2-3 recovery workouts per week and one rest day which may include a walk or even a Yin class. That said, your fitness and recovery needs will be unique to YOU and depend on how you’re fueling, how much sleep you’re getting, and your hormone profile (male, female, where you are in the female cycle). We encourage every female to track her cycle! We like resources like this one from Stacy Sims, exercise psychologist, nutrition scientist and author, for how to track your cycle:

If you’re over 40, we would highly recommend adding weights to the mix to prevent sarcopenia, muscle loss, and osteopenia, loss of bone density. If you are stacking one HIIT class after another, we would recommend trying a few weeks of alternating with yoga classes and grabbing a rest day to see gains, balance out your energy outputs, and feel better overall.


The month at the Studio we are working on spine! Wahoo! A crowd fave. Take the Studio CHALLENGE to video yourself doing ARTICULATED cat/cow at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month.
Use a partner, as shown in this video, to help get some feedback.

Starting at the with the lumbar vertebra, begin moving into flexion or round the spine. As your partner traces, envision and move first your lumbar, then thoracic, then cervical spine. Repeat this from Cow position moving into Cat/flexion. Remember, ARTICULATED cat/cow is intentionally moving the spine one vertebra at a time. Questions? Want to share your progress? Hit us up on Insta @thestudiouv or in person at KIN!


Got some extra coats & winter gear you’re no longer using?
During this month, we’re collecting clean, gently used coats, hats, boots, and gloves to donate to Hartford Schools. We’ll have a bin where you can drop off your gear and we’ll get it to the school where it will be offered to the students. Last year we collected 3 carloads of gear!
Not only is this an awesome way to upcycle, it helps a bunch of kids get comfortably outfitted for the winter months ahead.

A portion of November’s late & no-show fees will be donated to the Haven this month! If you can give at this time, we encourage you to consider donating (and/or volunteering)  to this incredible NPO that provides food, temporary shelter and educational programs for un-sheltered families and anyone in need.

Yes, I want to donate to the Haven too!!


We REALLY don’t want to miss you, or for you to miss the hot room! Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class so that you have time to
1. grab a spot
2. get set up and
3. say hello to your awesome Studio friends.
The doors lock promptly at the start of each class.

We will be running negative balances starting at the beginning of November! If you would prefer to settle up at the Front Desk, stop by and we will help clear your account.