🌟LIFTing into the New Year🌟

You need to lift weights! Full stop.
Skeletal muscle is the organ of longevity. (Don’t believe us? Check out this podcast with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and Erin Holt). Loss of muscle mass, strength and function starts at age 30 at a rate of 3-8% per decade and increases after the age of 60. How can we slow that roll? Resistance training for strength (ie lifting heavy) and adding in short, intense bursts of activity (ie Inferno Hiit) are effective.
Let’s face it, your athletic performance and independence in advanced age are dependent on staying strong. And we are all athletes in the hot room with our own performance goals in mind. Whether you’re aiming to hit that PR or want to play with your grandkids, strength is key.
Strength training helps your brain too- it is a central nervous system improvement- and helps build healthy neural pathways, slowing the decline of cognitive function. Heavy lifting is also good for improving fat burning metabolism, building bone density, and cardiovascular health. These are especially important for peri- and menopausal women!
Interested in lifting heavy but are not sure where to start? Have questions about Lifting or HiiT and recovery? We got you. Our schedule varies so you can get 2-3 days of higher intensity training with 2-3 days of yoga or Kinstretch for that critical balance. Read on for more info or hit us up on email with your questions!


Strike up a conversation with your neighbor in the hot room and you’ll discover what a cool, diverse community we have at the Studio. For example, did you know that a bunch of your workout buddies own & run local non-profits and businesses? If you’re looking for holiday gifts or giving consider these guys, as well as your home Studio (of course!):

The Studio has gift certificates, gift memberships, loads of studio-wear, water bottles and mats. Go on and get it!


Our focus for December is shoulders, elbows and wrists!

Give these shoulder CARs (controlled articular rotations) a try! Great for warm up before class, the best for keeping your joints happy & healthy, and for building back from injury. Take these slow and take note of how much space you currently have. Can you create more? Do you have a pinch point or pain? Work around any pain- your circle may be more like a funky oval shape. BUT, the more you do these the smoother it will feel and the more space you can find.

We’ll be bringing these shoulder CARs- along with wrists and elbows CARs and strengthening- to you in Kinstretch this month as well as in our other classes. It’s a good idea to warm up and cool down with your CARs before and after a class.

See you in the hot room!


The Holidays are upon us! We hope you’ll bring your visiting friends and family members to a class (or two) @ the Studio. Need help navigating the sign-up process? Below you’ll find a few helpful tips from your favorite friends at the Front Desk.

Drop In Class: Your visitor will need to create a Studio account on Mindbody. They can create this through our website or by downloading the Mindbody app. Then they can purchase a drop in ($25) OR you can treat them to a class through your account on the website. To do this, go to the Studio website, click on Sign In, next click on Classes, then Sign Up Now, and you’ll see the option to book for someone else, click Make a Single Reservation, and enter your visitor’s name.

Out of Towner: Is your guest staying for a week? This pass is a great deal – $50 for one week of unlimited classes. Your guest will need to create an account, plan ahead (you can set the dates), and schedule some time to unwind in the hot room.


Late fees last month were donated to The Haven and Hartford-Norwich Holiday Basket Helpers!
HNHBH provides requested toys and clothing for children, purchases fruit baskets for seniors; and also provides food gift cards for all. Donate today!