In 2023, the Studio donated $8,000 of no show/late fees to local non profits serving our community. These are incredible organizations doing amazing things; check out who they are and what they do in our latest blog post. We also set aside a portion of our fees to provide financial assistance to anyone who can’t afford a membership.

Please make sure to read our policies and procedures – we have updated a few and highlighted previous policies that are important for members to know. Our policies and procedures help us to align & uphold our core values: Inclusivity, Authenticity, Respect, Community and Perseverance, as well as our Mission and Vision (see more on that below). This month in Kinstretch we’re working on hip hinge. Hip hinge is a fundamental movement pattern we use on the daily, like for bending over and picking things up. We’ll be working on the elements of hip hinging in the hot room this month.

We are grateful to YOU, our Studio community, for showing up, showing out and making this all possible. Stronger together in 2024!


New year, new(ish) policies! We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to take classes. Thanks for taking the time to read and become familiar with the following:

  • Late cancellation window is now 3 HOURS. This will give our waitlist friends and others an extra hour to prepare for class and get to the Studio.
  • Late cancellation/No show fee is now $25. We continue to see about 50 late cancellations/no shows per week.
  • If need to leave class early- it is disruptive- please let your teacher know and set up in the back row next to the door.
  • Hey Team! It’s Waitlist season, NO DOUBLES.
  • Not a new policy, but a good reminder: we do not offer refunds. 

Check our website for new membership rates. Already a member? Go, you! Current memberships will stay the same rate in 2024.


Are you new to the Studio? Looking to re-establish a yoga practice and exercise schedule in 2024? Research shows the easiest way to become more active is to make physical activity a part of your everyday life, stay motivated with a workout buddy, and make it fun & rewarding.

At the Studio, we keep this at the forefront of what we do while offering unique, intelligent classes on a complimentary schedule. Our Core Values: Inclusivity, Authenticity, Respect, Community and Perseverance are the backbone of it all. Our teachers and staff continually strive to create a safe and accessible space where people feel empowered to connect, heal, and grow. We continually seek out and engage in opportunities to learn from diverse partners. Recently our team attended an introduction on Antiracist work, lead by Racial Justice Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Dr. Monea. If you are interested in her work and want to learn more, check out here website: and keep you eyes peeled for our upcoming social media posts.


Let’s talk hip hinge! Hip hinge is a fundamental movement pattern for lots of essential tasks, like bending over and picking things up. Common mistakes are confusing hinge with squat and using the lower back to originate the movement rather than hips. Ideally, the lower back (lumbar and thoracic spine) stay in a neutral position as opposed to flexing (rounding the back) or extending (banana back). Watch for this as you hinge in yoga into a forward fold, do your bent over rows in Weights, or warm up with your Good Mornings.

What else is on the menu? Internal rotation of your hips, hip flexion, a pelvis that stays neutral and can work independently of the hips, a bum that lengthens, knees that rotate.

If you find or feel something is off in your hinge (like feeling deadlifts only in your low back), come check out Kinstretch and we’ll help you assess the elements of your hinge so you can move with confidence in whatever you are doing.

All month long at the Studio you’ll be finding your work geared towards the prerequisites for a happy hip hinge.


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