New Spring Schedule, Sexual Assault Awareness Month & WISE, Loaded Elbow CARs, Fusion VS Flow, and FD Tips & Reminders

It’s Springtime at the Studio and we are delighted to be rolling into this quarter with fabulous teachers and a thriving community.
We’re taking a minute to highlight and thank our newest teachers, Jess, Heather, Amanda, and Gwen who now have 3 months of teaching under their belts! You can catch Jess teaching Inferno Hiit at 6am on Mondays & 9am on Tuesdays. Heather’s teaching Inferno Weights at 6am on Wednesdays. Amanda is teaching OHY Tuesday at 6:30pm and Gwen is teaching Hot Beats on Fridays at 5pm.
In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are spotlighting and donating a portion of late/no show fees to WISE. Learn more about their programs and their team of advocates below.
Our anatomy focus for April is shoulders, elbows and wrists. Check out our regular and weighted elbow CARs video and try them for yourself!
You gotta move your body right? So you might as well make it fun! Fusion is our take on 60 minutes of super fun combining vinyasa yoga and high intensity movements. Come join the party Fridays at 9am!
Thanks for helping us get through our busy season! You can now take doubles, with the exception of double HIIT classes.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month & WISE

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are spotlighting the work of WISE. Since their founding in 1971, WISE has:

  • helped more than 10,000 survivors,
  • provided training to over 5,000 first-responder professionals,
  • taught healthy relationship skills to more than 18,000 students and
  • reached over 11,000 community members with customized workshops.

WISE leads the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change. Their team of advocates is ready to help, from their Crisis Hotline that is open 24/7 to safe home and emergency shelter to their safety planning and legal advocacy.  Join us in supporting their work by volunteering as an advocate, running with their Covered Bridges Half Marathon Team, or making a donation today! The Studio will be donating a portion of late/no show fees to WISE at the end of the month.

FRC & Anatomy Focus of the Month

This April we’re focused on shoulders, elbows, and wrists. We use CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) to assess the usable range of motion (mobility) of any joint. Loaded CARs are a graduation from regular CARS and are used to increase strength and control; whereby increasing mobility.

Never done CARs before? Check out our Kinstretch class (Weds 9am & Saturdays at 11am) and you’ll be up and running in no time.
Been doing CARs for a while? Then give weighted or banded CARs a try. In this video we’re demonstrating different variations of elbow CARs– regular ones (left) and capsular ones (right)- with resistance bands, weights, and unweighted.

If you’ve ever felt your elbows after a particularly spicy weights class, do a few sets of regular CARs. Then consider adding light weights or a resistance band to build strength and see gains faster.

Elbow CARs

Overheard in the Hot Room

Ya gotta move your body, so you might as well make it FUN! We know that 80% of Americans don’t meet the bare minimum exercise recommendation of 150 minutes per week (by the CDC) ; leading to a whole host of health problems and dis-ease. At the Studio, we’re committed to science-backed exercise classes that amp up the FUN factor to keep you feeling your best.

Enter Fusion. This hybrid class combines athletic vinyasa sequencing with pockets of high intensity exercise to get your body moving and your heart pumping. Wondering what the heck the difference is between Fusion and Flow? Fusion’s higher intensity elements create an awesome “work-out” while Flow’s breath work combined with moving meditation are more of a “work-in.” Looking to burn calories? Fusion is your jam. Looking for more connectedness with your body and mind? Give Flow a go and feel great.

Notes from the Front Desk

Thanks for helping us get through our busy season! With the exception of Hiit classes, you can now take doubles. Sign up for your first class and then wait till you’re within the 3 hour window of the next class to sign up for the second.
NO HIIT DOUBLES! Yes, we are adamant about this! Why? Too much high intensity exercise can lead to injury, fatigue, burnout, and even stall the gains you’ve worked so hard for.

A gentle reminder that our 15 minute policy applies to classes that are back to back (hello, weekends & evenings). If you are arriving, please wait till that 15 minute mark before class starts to enter the studio. This allows for the students of the first class to clear out and gives our staff time to clean & prep the space for ya!

As always, thanks for being a conscientious member of our community!