Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Fuel For Class, Big Toes & Glutes

February is Black History Month and the theme this year is “African Americans and the Arts.” What better way to celebrate than to highlight our friends at JAG! We know, we know– we talk about JAG A LOT- but they are bring incredible work to our community by serving as an Artistic Sanctuary for Black Creatives in the American Theater located right here in White River Junction. AAAND Jarvis is a longtime member of the Studio! We’re super excited for their new endeavor with The Drinking Gourd: Black Writers at Work and the two remarkable talents, James Ijames and Gethsemane Herron. Keep an eye out for upcoming performances, and in the meantime scroll down for other cool events coming up this month. ⬇️

While February is just one month, our work to recognize and undue racial injustices is an ongoing endeavor. We kicked off the year with our annual staff training led by Dr. Monea, a racial justice speaker and trainer, and yoga teacher. We share this work with you to inspire and encourage others to seek out their own work within this realm. Looking for resources? Check out this Workshop Sample of Dr. Monea’s work and below find a list of events and organizations in our area. Do you have resources to share with us? Please pass them along.

It seems only fitting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with love all around and 💕25% off 💕everything pink, red and purple in our retail. This is also a good time to partner up with your March Matness buddy (if you’ve never participated before, ask one of our staff members for details).
PS: We love you and we’re so glad you’re here!

Black History Month Events, Social Justice Organizations and Resources

Jan 20-Apr 13: At the HOOD: And I’m Feeling Good Relaxation and Resistance. Featuring selections from the Hood Museum’s Photography collection that celebrates joy in African American life. Give a listen to this accompanying curator-created Spotify playlist 
Feb 1: Dartmouth Black Legacy Month Opening Ceremony
Feb 3: Dartmouth Black Student Athlete Alliance (DBSAA) is collaborating with Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color and other groups on campus to host a family friendly event full of fun physical activity.
(Details for these events will be listed on Dartmouth’s Black Legacy Month landing page)
Feb 10th & Mar 9: The BIPOC Ski Days at Craftsbury Outdoor Center Complimentary trail pass and gear rentals. BIPOC instructors will provide free lessons and support.
Feb 15th: The Hood Museum hosts a lecture on the work of Kwame Brathwaite at 5pm

Local Social Justice Organizations:

Resources on The Studio Website

Dr. Monea; Racial Justice Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Grounding Force Website

FRC & Anatomy Focus of the Month

Ever wonder why you may have bunions, a flat booty, plantar fasciitis, or unexplained chronic knee pain? It may have something to do with your BIG TOE. Join us all month as we focus on the big toe and glutes and start to unpack some of these why’s.

Your big toe plays a HUGE role in your overall mobility by influencing your weight distribution, stability and ultimately your gait. Your big toe influences every stage of your stride! In fact, 40% of your glute activation lies in big toe dorsiflexion. HOLY MOLY!
Big toe mobility and glutes are our February focus. Do yourself (and your toesies) a favor and sign up for a Kinstretch class this month!

Overheard in the Hot Room

Are you feeling light headed during a workout? That’s a good indication that your blood glucose levels are off. We know it can be tough to get something down before 6am, we suggest making sure you’re well hydrated the night before and have at least a few bites before class.
Some of our teacher’s pre-class favorites:

  • Peanut butter, banana and chia seed toast
  • Cottage cheese on toast with blueberries, lemon zest, cinnamon and honey
  • Yogurt, granola and berries
  • Avocado toast
  • Smoothie
  • Coffee with a scoop of collagen protein
  • Banana or celery with peanut butter

Check out this article below from Dr. Staci Simms on why intermittent fasting on top of exercise can be harmful to your health.

Notes from the Front Desk

Hey folks! Studio is jumpin’, we’re in the throes of the busy season and it is SUPER fun! Let’s double down on working together to make things run smoothly.

  • WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY: Winter in the UV is in full effect. Be sure to leave PLENTY of time to clean off your car and get safely to the Studio. Worried about an impending storm? Cancel the night before and sign-up that morning if you can make it to class!
  • MINDBODY LOVE: Did you know that the Mindbody App is an awesome tool that allows you to book classes, cancel classes, see where you are on the waitlist, and remove yourself from waitlists?! Ask us at the Front Desk if you need any help accessing or using Mindbody. We are here for ya!
  • Have you seen our Studio Etiquette page? It covers all our policies, waitlist tips, respect and community.