Boy, do I feel like I’m being put to some kind of cosmic test. I know you know what I am talking about. At the studio we’ve been working on our growth plan and it’s been moving in the right direction. The staff here is truly dedicated to learning and helping to expand our offerings. We are literally bursting, classes are full, students are smiling. The winter was going along great, the kids, the snow, the dog, the projects, the yoga, good food, trips to the grands, lots of family, lots of friends. Really we are so fortunate. Then came that long skid. It seems so long ago, when we just didn’t know what was coming next, people were being asked to stay at home, work from home and studios were starting to offer virtual classes. I mean we just don’t do that! Until we did and now we do.

There is no debate. This is without a doubt a situation for this business that calls for adaptation or extinction. What if we closed our doors to classes! We couldn’t have survived. Boy, but at the time it was a real decision and all of my colleagues were debating the same questions that we were here. And likely you were too at the time. And as I said, it all seems so long ago now. This is how we are living.

In the big scheme of things the lifespan of a small yoga studio in the Upper Valley may not seem like much. But what you do here is important. It is important to everyone in your life that you take care of your body, your mind, your heart. This is where you teach yourself how to live, how to develop, how to love. Now, whether it’s in the heat and with your community in the studio or in a corner of your house streaming class that magic still happens. It’s your decision to keep it going. We’ll get back in the room, but we can’t wait for that. What we have is the present and let me tell you, it takes grit. We are fortunate, because we can share classes in a way we never could before. When things get a little rough you have so many resources to help you up. Tap into the library, sign up for a class, or rip off one of Julia’s or Sally’s quick hit videos (like 1-2 minutes). I guarantee you’ll feel better. I know we’ve got this. – with love, mf