At this moment what’s on the top of my mind is how to help you create and maintain a practice away from our hot room. This is the time where getting to class is really just throwing down a mat and jumping in.

From this end Julia and I have worked out the tech details and are now running 17 live virtual classes and two scheduled pre-recorded classes every week. We’re also actively adding to a library of BYUV classes that you can pull and play on your own schedule. Oh, and Julia and Sally have some super effective quick hit videos out there too. We’ve all upped our technology game significantly and people of all ages are connected like never before. You see, it’s the same and different at the same time.

Can you get a real yoga practice, a real hot Pilates workout without being at BYUV? Yes you can!

Check this out. Here’s five things that you can do right now to get your best experience,

  1. Pick a spot and put your mat down. If it works stick with it, if not tomorrow pick another and you’ll find the right place for you and your mat.

  2. Create the environment that is possible NOW.

  3. Your schedule and our schedule have both changed. Pick a class to do today.

  4. Change up what you wear, your mat, towel, even what you drink during class.

  5. Live virtual classes are full of other students. Turn on that screen – it’s as close as we can get today – keep it in your vision and make it your focus.

So we’ve got the classes available for you – live or archived – your choice. What we can’t give you is our meeting place, our hot room, the physical house of our community. I believe that you can create the place for your practice in your mind, in your heart and in your physical space. This is our chance to grow together as we look for a new way to adapt to changes. – with love, mf