HeYo Mommas, Mental Health Month, Knees, Ankles & Toes, and Positive Tracks!!

We applaud you mommas and all you mothering folk out there. Seriously, if you’re caring for kids, grandkids, fur babies, or other creatures in your life we’re here for you! We’re psyched to help you keep your body and mind healthy so you can continue to show up for all those loves in your life.
Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve mental health and May is Mental Health Awareness month. This month at The Studio we’re getting jiggy with knees, ankles and toes and we’re proud to highlight local non-profit, Positive Tracks (inspiring people ages 12-25 to ‘Move for Good’).

Mental Health Month

Ok, ok, if you’ve been coming to the Studio for a while, you’re likely experiencing the benefits of exercise on your mental health.
Science shows that exercise can result in:
1. Improved Sleep
2. Better Endurance
3. Stress Relief
4. Improvement in mood
5. Increased energy and stamina
7. Reduced tiredness and increase in mental alertness
8. Weight reduction
9. Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness
10. Sex drive

Anatomical & FRC Focus

This month our functional movement focus is KNEES, ANKLES and TOES.
Did you know that in addition to healthy lateral movement (flexion & extension) the knee joint is also able to rotate? Yep! Try these knee CARs!

In these knee CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations), find a comfortable seat, hamburger hold the knee and focus on turning the shin outward/external rotation (the ankle will come along but don’t let it control the movement), extend the leg, turn the shin inward/internal rotation finding the motion from the knee joint, and then flex/bend the knee. Take these slow (this video is sped up), see what you have for ROM (range of motion) in your knees. Two times in the same direction should do it and then switch directions.  Try them prone!

Moving your joints, including those toesies, is not only fun and informative it also helps with rehabbing from injuries and deterring the onset of osteoarthritis.

Sign up for Kinstretch and learn how to assess and improve the ROM in all your joints!

Retail Roundup & Studio Reminders

💔LIVESTREAM, we’re breaking up. Hello, Video on Demand.❤️

It’s time for us and Livestream to go our separate ways. It was good while it lasted and so supportive during Covid, but things have changed for the better. We’re very happy to welcome students to our robust Video On Demand library, free to members! You can sign up here.

Our latest order of logo’d hoodies and sports bras went quickly! We still have a few pairs of shorts and, don’t worry, we hope to replenish our logo’d stock again shortly!

Positive Tracks!

Positive Tracks is a New Hampshire based non-profit that equips young people with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to change the world through the power of physical activity.

Positive Tracks is built by young people for young people.If you’re age 12-25, you can partner with Positive Tracks for free help building and leading your own Positive Tracks Challenge- an athletic event designed to championship a cause or organization of your choice. You’ll receive one-on-one coaching and support from start to finish so you can make the change you want to see in your community.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to start your own Positive Tracks Challenge, visit positivetracks.org.