🌷New Spring Schedule🌷

This month we’re rolling out our new spring schedule, celebrating Earth Day, getting HIPpy with our anatomy focus, attending JAG’s show EVERY BRILLIANT THING, and highlighting WISE and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month’s donation of late/no show fees will go to WISE.

🚨The Studio will be closed on Sunday 4/9🚨

Celebrating Earth Day

Did you know that our hand soap and 3in1 shower soap are EWG Verified? That means they’re free of EWG’s chemicals of concern and meet strictest health standards. Curious about the standards and safety of your own household and personal products? Check EWG guide to find out how they rate and if they contain any chemicals of concern.

Our water bottle refill station saves on hundreds of pesky plastic bottles from going into the recycling bin (and the landfill, eeeek!). And we sell logo’d refillable water bottles if ya need one! Fill’er up!

Yep, we know mats get dirty and stinky! Our Manduka Mat Wash & Refresh uses 100% naturally derived ingredients to keeping your mat smelling clean and feeling fresh.

Short showers are good studio etiquette AND save on water! We ask that students limit their showers to 3 to 5 minutes and take all personal items out of the shower when finished (this include sanitary products and other trash!!!). Thanks!

Anatomical & FRC Focus

Make your HIPS happy! This month’s anatomical and FRC focus is Hips.

Try this quick FRC tutorial video to get that ball-and-socket joint feeling great. Mobility in the hips helps our movement patterns feel better, prevents injuries, and improves athletic & physical performance. This movement exercise will help to assess and improve the range of motion in your hips along with a little strengthening to improve their function.

This video is sped up, be sure to take these slow and listen to your body. Want to create even more healthy movement in your body? Try our Kinstretch classes Tuesday at 5pm and Wednesday at 9am.

Retail Roundup & Studio Reminders

We’re expecting new logo sport bras, sweatshirts and joggers soon!

Looking to save some $$$? The Studio offers and awesome work-study program! In exchange for helping us keep the space squeaky clean you get an unlimited membership! Email us for details at Membership@TheStudioUV.com

WISE and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we’re highlighting the mission & vision of Upper Valley non-profit, WISE.

WISE’s Mission: To lead the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change.

They’re vision is a world of freedom, justice, equality and dignity where all thrive.

Since 1971, WISE has provided crisis advocacy and support for people and communities affected by domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking within the Upper Valley. WISE offers a confidential and free 24-hour crisis line, support groups and workshops, emergency and transitional shelter, safety planning and in-person advocacy at hospitals, police stations, courthouses and other social service agencies. WISE provides essential immigration legal services and works with youth, professionals, and the community to develop culturally relevant community education and comprehensive prevention strategies. They’re committed to engaging everyone in learning to recognize and eliminate the root causes of violence.

 We’ll be donating all of April’s late cancellation and no-show fees to WISE.

JAG Ambassadorship: Every Brilliant Thing

EVERY BRILLIANT THING, starring our own Jarvis Antonio Green in his JAG Productions acting debut, is a heartwarming, immersive one-person show.

Every Brilliant Thing runs from April 27 through May 14 at the Briggs Opera House in White River Junction, VT.

Buy tickets online!