💪🏾💪🏿Womens History Month & International Womens Day💪🏻💪🏽

We’re celebrating all WOMEN this month especially those in our Studio community! The theme for this year’s Women’s History Month is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”

As a nod to those stories, we’ll be sharing our Women Crush Wednesdays (#WCW) each week on Insta by highlighting some familiar studio faces and amplifying others we think you should know. Check it Out!

Want to hear the full story of how this awesome woman-owned yoga and fitness business began? It started with a couple of women, of course!

Interview with Maeghan:

What were you doing before opening the studio?

M: I was managing Lululemon at the Burlington Mall, getting ready to open a new store for them in Portsmouth, NH and teaching yoga in Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth. A friend had opened The Studio, formerly known as Bikram Yoga Upper Valley, and after a few weeks of running it solo she was looking to sell it. I’d spent a lot of time in the UV as a college student and loved the area. Luke, my husband, was a public defender for the state of NH at the time and was able to transfer to the Orford office, very quickly the decision was made to pack up and head North. We are both very happy to call the UV our home and love raising our three kids here.

What motivated you to start your own business?

M: I had no intention of opening my own studio, I honestly didn’t think that I had it in me. However, the original space was a few doors down and very small, so within the same year of purchasing we started plans for the new studio in our current location.

How long has The Studio been open?

M: The Studio opened December 2010 and I purchased it March 0f 2011.

What are the most challenging parts?

M: The juggling act. Being a mother of three young children and running a small business is very hard. No matter how much I get done in a day it’s never enough.

What are the most rewarding parts?

M: Seeing the community that we’ve created.

Working with my sister.

Helping students find joy in exercise, develop strength and a greater understanding of their bodies. Giving students the tools they need to heal their bodies, never having to say ‘I have bad x’.

Giving students and teachers the space and encouragement to confidently grow/shine/excel…

Knowing I can show up and take an amazing class any day or time, with kick ass teachers and super classmates.

🏀🏀 March MATness 🏀🏀

It’s on! March Matness!!

Grab your partner and hit the mat. From Sunday March 5th until April 11th, check the board to earn points each day by taking classes and completing various challenges.

Try to win your bracket and advance to the next week!

Grand Prize is a great night out in WRJ plus some major bragging rights.

Some of our favorite team names: Squat Queens, Burpee Babes, Ladies Who Crunch, The Planksters, Goblet Squat Girlies (notice a trend here?).

Posture/FRC Tip of the Month

This month our functional movement focus is NECK AND SHOULDERS.
Have you done shoulder CARS (Controlled Articulated Rotations) in kinstretch yet?

They’re awesome for increasing range of motion, identifying impingement and other trouble areas, and bringing synovial fluid to help that ball and socket joint move smoothly.

This video is a sped up version of Shoulder CARs. You’ll want to take these nice and slow, engage your core and keep your lower body steady to isolate the shoulder. Watch out for pinch points as you move through the full range of motion available to you (don’t force it). Start out with smaller, softer circles and gradually build to larger circles with more muscular engagement. Don’t forget the little shimmy at the end. 😉

Try em out!

Overheard in the Hot Room

Message received, we hear ya loud and clear!
First off – how great that we have classes full of your homies, workout pals, and all those new friends you just haven’t met yet?
We understand that waitlists are loooong and it can be frustrating when you want to just pop into a class last minute. Here are a few things to think about when planning to book classes:

  1. We offer a variety of classes for a reason – taking 6 HIIT classes a week IS NOT more effective than 3 HIIT classes and a de-loading class or two. Women Are Not Small Men, podcast with Dr. Stacy Sims.
  2. TRY A NEW CLASS – we have so many amazing classes with incredible instructors. Classes are designed in a collaborative way and who knows, maybe you can alleviate some pain in that  “bad” shoulder.
  3. If HIIT classes are absolutely your only jam, we get it! These classes are a blast but this also means you will have to navigate the waitlist; keep in mind that waitlists update quickly.
  4. Didn’t make it off the waitlist? Check MINDBODY, the waitlist locks two hours before the start of class, SO if someone late cancels, you can grab their spot 👉SOMEONE ALWAYS LATE CANCELS!!👈

🌟 WE RAISED $2,000 FOR JAG in February! 🌟

Those funds will go towards furthering JAG’s mission of catalyzing compassion, empathy, love, and community through the lens of the Black experience.

Check out their spring show, Every Brilliant Thing, running April 27th- May 14th at The Briggs Opera House in White River Junction.