🌻Summer at the Studio!🌻

The Morning Routine

Just 15 minutes to improve your joint mobility!!

The morning routine, created by muskuloskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, is part of a comprehensive joint training system (which includes our fave, Kinstretch) and is based in scientific principles and research. Here, Maeghan and Julia lead your through CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) in each of your joints. Do this routine every damn day! It only takes 15 minutes to manage inflammation in your joints, improve healing, and maintain a healthy range of motion. Move slowly and if you come across closed angle joint pain, be sure to move around it.

Sizzlin’ Summer Bingo

Let’s play BINGO!!

Sizzlin’ Summer Studio BINGO that is! From July 9th to August 9th we’re adding a little fun competition to the mix.

Grab a BINGO card at the Studio, write your name on it and tape it to the wall with others. Be the first person to fill your BINGO board (1 box per day) and win a Studio water bottle and a bundle (6) of our fave electrolyte, LMNT.

Mark your calendars, plan your attack and pick up a Bingo card!!

Get after it and we’ll keep you hydrated in style. Happy Summer!

Summertime in the Hot Room

It’s heating up outside and inside the Studio! What does this mean for your experience in classes? Well, your body will already be warmed up, so less time is needed to adjust to the heat. You’ll want to increase your water intake and add (more) electrolytes. We like LMNT because it’s sugar-free and includes potassium and magnesium. AND, it comes in a bunch of flavors.

You may also want to grab a cold bevy from the cooler on the your way out! We have coco waters, Aloha protein drinks and Spindrift for those who like bubbles! Cheers!