Jedrek Dineros has been a yoga instructor at BYUV for less than a year, but his calming and patient demeanor, creative workouts, and fantastic playlists keep students coming back to his classes again and again. Read about his yoga journey, and then come practice with him!

Jedrek found yoga almost by accident. In his last year of college, he ended up at a yoga class because of a Groupon deal he found. Jedrek is adventurous and enjoys trying new things, so he gave it a go, and then really dove into his practice a few years later. His practice over the years has bled into his everyday life, helping him set and stick to goals, focus, and understand his locus of control. For Jedrek, one of the most important things he’s learned about his practice over the years is to “remember to breathe, breathe, breathe. Be aware and control your breath – don’t fight it, but work with it. It’ll make your practice much easier!” 


Over the past year, Jedrek has developed a new appreciation for his practice through teaching. He appreciates the process of watching others grow, and he enjoys the challenge of finding ways to facilitate that growth and foster a deeper understanding of the connection between mind and body. And, as a teacher, he has become a more thoughtful and intentional yogi himself! He particularly loves teaching BYUV Flow because of its unique arc of different postures, and because of the opportunity for creativity and play. He hopes people in his classes feel grounded, challenged, and ultimately stronger and more flexible than when they walked in, and he loves watching the progress of students practicing at BYUV and connecting with, in his words “the most tight-knit community I’ve been a part of”.

If you’re a new yogi reading this, Jedrek has advice for you, too: “Just show up and be open to discovery. Don’t get bogged down by believing you won’t be able to get into a pose or worrying about your flexibility – instead, listen carefully to your body and yoga instructors, and think about how your body feels throughout a class. How you are engaging with your own body and understanding the sensations you are creating is way more important for your practice than how you look!”