• Describe your first Flow experience. When and where was your first Flow class? Why did you choose to attend, and what did you think?
    • My first flow class was at BYUV with a guest instructor a few years ago. I remember struggling to keep up with the poses and falling over. The class felt different to me, I felt rushed with the flow of the class and I started to stress myself out. I became frustrated and impatient, it was an interesting night for me mentally.  
  • What do you find most rewarding about your Flow practice?
    • My ability to center myself and let the weight of the day drift away.
  • Do you feel that Flow complements the other classes you take at BYUV? If so, how?
    • Flow definitely compliments the other classes at BYUV. Flow has allowed me the ability to slow down and focus which has carried over to the classes and given me more confidence in my abilities and has allowed me to pay attention and listen to what my body is telling me.
  • What do you like the most about Jedrek’s 5 pm Wednesday class? More generally, about Jedrek as a teacher?
    • What isn’t to love about Jedrek and Cheddar? Jedrek is such a delight, and I adore his Wednesday class at 5 pm. I am grateful for Jedrek’s calm presence and soothing voice that creates an incredibly, safe, warm space to enter into.