Celebrating Black History Month

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month with the 2022 theme of Black Health and Wellness. We look forward to leaning into learning by sharing resourceshighlighting Black joy; and holding space for your thoughts, feelings, and feedback.

Our responsibility to learn and become better ancestors is not limited to a month-long commitment. This is an enduring journey for us, and, as members of The Studio community, we invite you to prioritize learning and unlearning alongside us every day.

We are deeply committed to our core value of inclusivity AND also recognize that our community at The Studio mirrors the demographics of the twin states, mostly white. We own that, and our responsibility to educate ourselves so we can better show up as advocates and allies.

We honor that we arrive at this work from different places and perspectives and that there is no one “right” fit/resource. Did we get something wrong or miss an important piece of information or context? Please let us know.

Important Updates

🚨 Livestream Reminder: We are aware of recent technical challenges with our Livestream classes, and while we are committed to providing virtual options for people to connect with, we have limited resources and do not have the ability to provide on-the-spot technical assistance. We invite you to find us on-demand at any time, where fresh new content is uploaded frequently 🚨

Posture & Functional Range Conditioning Tips

This month our functional movement focus is external shoulder rotation– critical to all shoulder movement and postures (i.e. shoulder presses, backbends, half-moon, etc.). Please watch and try this video a few times and share your thoughts and what you experienced!

Overheard in the Hot Room

Have you tried our NEW Mobility Lab Class?! Join us on Tuesdays @ 11 AM for this 60-min deep dive into joint transformation, and walk away with more body awareness, increased usable ranges of motion, and lasting flexibility!

Also, make sure to check out our Sunday afternoon line-up, chocked full of Yin to make sure you’re feeling refreshed at the start of each new week (BONUS: the sun is still out at the start of class!).

Sunday Fundays

  • 2/6: 4:30 Candlelit Yin
  • 2/13 4:30 OHY/Yin Fusion
  • 2/20 4:30 Candlelit Yin
  • 2/27 4:30 OHY/Yin Fusion

Retail Roundup 

Peep these fun new finds in our retail botique! 

New Studio joggers (camo and grey), water bottles, and travel mugs (12 & 16 oz) are here! New candles are coming in hot from Natural Annie’s Essentials, and we’re excited to test out some decadent new body products from the Butter Depot. Time to treat yo’self!