In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

You know the ol’ saying… in like a lion, out like a lamb, and like the month of March, we’re here to remind you of the importance, and necessity of finding the balance between both strength and flexibility, intensity and softness. Our classes are designed to work together as a complementary series to holistically support a healthy body, mind, and heart– the yin and the yang.

We have learned stretching alone does not make us more flexible, which is why we have introduced functional range conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch principles into our Signature Series.
We also know that:

  • A non-functioning joint can cause another joint to compensate and risk overuse injury which is why we created our Mobility Lab classes;
  • Inferno Hot Pilates is a quick and efficient way to get into shape, but women, specifically those over the age of 35, need to put some heavy weights into their hands in order to combat muscle loss; and,
  • It takes a variety of movements to achieve true health, and we work hard to bring those classes to you and ultimately support The Studio’s vision of a diverse and compassionate community of people who feel strong and healthy in their bodies and minds.

Important Updates

🚨 The town of Hartford, VT mask mandate expires at midnight Tuesday, March 8. We look forward to seeing your happy, smiling faces walk through the door on Wednesday, and thank you again for your commitment to keeping our community safe, and our doors open🚨

🏀 March MATness is here!! Check out the team brackets on the chalk wall (by the bathroom 😉), and cheer on your fellow yogis! It’s been two years, and folks are READY for our most fierce and FUN competition, and they’ve got some bada$$ team jerserys🏀

Posture & Functional Range Conditioning Tips

This month our functional movement focus is the SPINE- critical to, well, everything. Get ready to work on rotation, flexion, extension, and more! A healthy spine will keep you feelin’ fine.

Overheard in the Hot Room

March is the final month before NEW spring classes are added to the schedule (don’t worry, we’ll share more soon!) AND will feature a follow-up to our popular 90-min Inversion Workshop with Natalie and Jules! You’ll want to grab this one quick– it fills up fast. We haven’t checked with the boss yet, but how about a March MATness point 💣 for teams that get upside down together?!

Save the Date for these Sunday Fundays:

3/13 4:30 90-min OHY/Yin Fusion
3/20 4:30 90-min Inversion Workshop
3/27 4:30 90-min OHY/Yin Fusion

Retail Roundup 

Winter’s LEAVING. And with that, we’ll soon phase out some of our cozy logo gear, and bring in some fresh Spring looks (hello, Studio trucker hats!). Keep your eyes peeled for last-minute steals and deals shared on IG (@thestudiouv).