Changing Seasons; Pausing for Perspective 

April 🌧 bring May 🌷, and as the seasons continue to shift we wanted to pause and check in on you.

This time of year brings a lot of warmth; longer days, more sunshine (we hope!), and heat. It also represents a time of transition; many school schedules are ending or changing, and summer plans are now clearly in the front window. Although it may feel tempting to hit the gas pedal and GO, now is the perfect time to slow down and make sure you’re supporting your whole self as you journey towards the new season.

Are you sufficiently fuelling your body for your every day, and especially before and after classes? Are you building in recovery time? Are you not sure? We’re here to help and support you in your commitment to optimal health, whatever that may look and feel like to you.

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Important Updates

Did you know you can bring The Studio home (or on the road!) with you!? Our on-demand library is included with our Ultimate membership, and features so much great, fresh content — including all the usuals, and our newest crowd favorite Mobility– ready to go wherever you go!

Posture & Functional Range Conditioning Tips

This month for our functional movement focus we will explore binds. Get ready to work those shoulders and have some fun, and remember, it’s not about the final “posture,” it’s about finding out where your work is, and putting your energy there.

Overheard in the Hot Room

Have you tried our Mobility Class?! Based on last week’s class size the secret is out that working your mobility is the cornerstone of every yoga & fitness class you take. Unlock the key to your practice and walk away with more body awareness, increased usable ranges of motion, and lasting flexibility!

Join us on Wednesday @ 11 AM for this 60-min deep dive into joint transformation.

Retail Roundup 

  • New items from Wolven (seriously fun patterns!) and Emily Hsu (wicked good pricing!) are coming soon.
  • And for all those BeyondYoga fans – keep that patience, new arrivals should be here in June.
  • Also with warmer temps here, don’t forget to grab a lightweight Studio hoodie and trucker hat — they’re selling out fast.
  • FINALLY –  Make sure you’re signed up for notifications – those waitlists move quick!