1. Describe your first Yin experience. When and where was your first Yin Yoga class? Why did you choose to attend, and what did you think?

My first Yin class was here at BYUV. I believe it was in winter/spring 2018. I was very uncomfortable. I was tight and struggled to hold the postures. Seconds felt like an eternity. For the most part, I fought with my own thoughts and couldn’t silence my inner monologue to “strive for more” and need to check in to see if I was doing it right. I felt frustrated with myself. It was a rough night.

  1. What do you find most rewarding about your Yin Yoga practice?

Focus, forgiveness (of self), and the calm and restoration I feel afterward is most rewarding.

Yin Yoga BYUV 1

  1. Do you feel that Yin Yoga complements the other classes you take at BYUV? If so, how?

It’s the perfect complement. Yin allows me to realize more in the postures of OHY and IHP. I used to get stressed before IHP and OHY, to the point where I would get in my own way. With my practice in Yin, I’ve been able to work through tension and focus on my breath. When I can fret less and breathe more in OHY and IHP, I am able to hear things I hadn’t before and feel things that had not been available.

  1. What do you like the most about Sallie’s Sunday evening Yin class? More generally, about Sallie as a teacher?

Sally has this incredible aura of wisdom and kindness. I am most grateful for her unconditional approach. She creates a safe space with her presence, flow and pace. She is engaging – and with a tiny inflection in her voice evokes a fun curiosity to explore more.