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Welcome to BYUV Online Studio!

Now more than ever, we need the stabilizing practices of yoga, meditation, and exercise in our lives. People are under a tremendous amount of stress and often trapped without access to their usual stress relief. We hope this space be one of comfort and inspiration as you move through the challenges, and unexpected discoveries, of social distancing. By joining us online you will be reinforcing our resilience, enabling us to re-open the doors once this time has passed.

Current members – thank you for sticking with us.
We’re planning special ways to reciprocate your support of us as we speak.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build an online library of dozens of classes BYUV members can take in the comfort and safety of their homes and it is growing daily. Your teachers have been working around the clock to be sure you have uninterrupted access to the therapeutic methods you’ve come to rely on in your self-care arsenal. “Together” online, we’ll get through this pandemic and continue to thrive as a community.

Two Week Unlimited Access to Online Classes $50

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How Does Live Streaming Work?

Sign up for class exactly the same way you do now:

  1. At least 30 minutes ahead of time, pick a class on our online streaming schedule by clicking BOOK next to the name of your class. You will be prompted to sign into your BYUV account. If you are new to BYUV, create a new account. If you have trouble signing into your existing account, you may need to change your password. Please do not create a new account.
  2. Once you are signed into your account, follow the steps to register for class using your current pass. If you don’t have a pass, you will be prompted to purchase one.
  3. You will receive an email from BYUV 15 minutes before the start time of the class containing a link to register for the Zoom class (check your inbox, including Spam/Junk/Promotions).
  4. You will be asked to open zoom.us, or if it is your first time using the software you will be prompted to download Zoom. Follow those instructions on your device.
  5. Once you open zoom.us, you will make the choice to join with or without video. You may join without video to practice with privacy, or join with video so your teacher can see you. Don’t worry, your microphone is automatically muted so your noise will not be heard unless you “unmute” yourself.
  6. It is important that you stay muted within Zoom during the class but keep the volume on your computer or device way up so you can hear your teacher.
  7. Please use the chat feature within Zoom to communicate with your teacher or with other students in class.
  8. Enjoy your class!


Note from the Owner

Welcome to BYUV. You don’t need to be flexible, strong, fit or have any yoga experience to join us here. Our core class is the therapeutic Original Hot Yoga method. It’s the yoga that is suitable for anyone, any age, any size, any anything. We have two complimentary classes that are equally suitable for any level of experience – Inferno Hot Pilates is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based Pilates mat class and Yin Yoga.

My first Original Hot Yoga class was more than 10 years ago at the urging of my mother. I had no idea what to expect. When it was over I was exhausted, sweaty and knew my life would never be the same. When you come to take your first class, come in knowing that we have had that first day, first week, first month and are continually learning.

You’ve already taken the first step by visiting our website. Please look around the site for more information about the classes, schedule, our studio, what to expect and how to prepare. Take the next step, come to class and make the commitment to your wellness. Join us soon!

Maeghan Finnigan
Studio Owner, Director