As a small business, we depend on each of you to make smart, community-centered choices when it comes to practicing in person. We are working hard to stay open, to help keep you healthy, and ask that you please do the same to ensure our lights stay on. All students who attend classes at The Studio are required to sign a waiver when registering for their MindBody account and accept inherent risk when they participate. While we are doing our very best to mitigate the risk of illness, there is no guarantee. Please only show up for class when you are feeling 100% healthy. What used to be considered normal/minor seasonal allergies, that we could practice with may potentially impact those around us in a far greater capacity than you are aware, resulting in undue stress, time out of work/child-care, etc. Please also be thoughtful about when you choose to take class, and plan for times that don’t conflict with other personal engagements where the increased risk to exposure is potentially more detrimental (i.e. if you know you are visiting an immunocompromised relative, take a few days off and allow time for testing!). 


Reviewed and updated frequently. Please see additional details below.

⭐ Must submit proof of FULL COVID-19 vaccination to practice in-person. Additional proof OF COVID-19 booster is required by January 15 to practice without a mask (*note* masks STILL required off of your mat).

⭐ Mask to Mat. Per Hartford, VT town ordinance, EVERYONE must wear a mask when entering The Studio and/or when off of their mat.

⭐ Given current widespread community transmission rates, we encourage everyone to wear a mask while practicing. We have found that bringing an extra surgical mask for use in the hot room provides the most comfort.


⭐ The Studio follows, and expects all teachers and practicing members to follow, current CDC guidelines for COVID exposure.

⭐ In the event of a known COVID exposure at The Studio, we will follow Vermont Department of Health guidelines and request that the person/s who have received a positive test result contact the state to self-report directly. The Studio will not send specific emails/information when individual cases have been identified, but will instead rely on the  Vermont Department of Health to follow up/contact trace as necessary.

Can’t Make it to The Studio? Join Us Anytime, Anywhere, ON-DEMAND, or via LIVESTREAM!